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Mudanza a Merced

Merced, CA
un gran lugar para trabajar

Merced itself means “Grace” or “Favor” and offers a cozy, college town feel. The city is home to the newest University of California, UC Merced. It’s a mixture of a rural and a growing, urban community.

Merced is known as “The Gateway to Yosemite” because Yosemite is right up the hill. Do you love hiking or river rafting? How about fishing or skiing? It’s all nearby for you to enjoy.

Merced’s downtown is beginning to thrive with Art Hops, live theater at the Playhouse Merced, and historic sites like the Castle Air Force Museum where you can check out jets, airplanes, and memorabilia from as far back as World War II. Or take the family to the Challenger Learning Center, where kids can experience flight simulations, rocket launches, and a science museum.

why join GVHC
Competitive Wages
GVHC offers competitive wages, as much as big city providers or better, and living in the Central Valley will mean a lower cost of living.
Terrific Benefits
Benefits include Sick Leave, Paid Time Off, Medical, Dental, Vision, Educational/Training Expenses, Retirement and more.
Career Advancement
We foster ongoing education and promotion from within. We offer an advanced training program.
Work with the Best
Our forward thinking team creates a culture that attracts the best of the best.
Marca la diferencia
As a Federally Qualified Health Center, our focus is to make an impact by providing top-notch care to the under-served.
Work for an Innovative Company
We are a progressive company that is transforming healthcare.
Live in a Great Place
Centrally located in California, we enjoy a slower pace of life and lower cost of living, while being close to many CA attractions
Stable Employment
With an operating budget of over $127 million, 45 health centers, 150,000 patients, and 50 years of serving the Central Valley, you can be confident about your future with us.


Vivir, trabajar y jugar en El corazón de California

Merced is located in California’s Heartland. It’s a wonderful place to live and work. Enjoy a lower cost of living, less traffic, and a slower pace of life. Enjoy the local flavor of thriving Arts & Entertainment culture. At the same time, several world class destinations await within driving distance. Explore more of what our valley has to offer:

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Merced Scenery

Want to be on a successful team
that changes lives?

Launch your healthcare career in Merced, CA

We’re a focused, multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers, trained staff, skilled leaders, and volunteers with one common purpose—

To be the premiere health care organization in the nation by developing exceptional teams and providing exceptional experiences to every person we serve.

At Golden Valley Health Centers, we know that the best way to provide exceptional healthcare services for our patients is to find and keep excellent doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, behavioral health clinicians, and professional staff.

We’re always eager to meet bright and dedicated individuals to join our team in Merced.


Dave Simenson, MD
Merced Suites Clinic
Family Practice

I have had the joy of working for GVHC for over 30 years, and have learned to understand and admire people from many different cultures and backgrounds.  Experiencing Mexican empanadas, Punjabi pastries, and wearing kurtas from India and Pakistan are samples of the wealth of cultural experience here.  I have written insulin doses in Chinese characters for elders who did not understand Arabic numerals.  And the challenge and privilege of taking a healing journey with my patients toward their better health just never grows old.

Danielle Myers, MD
Modesto Robertson Road Clinic
Family Practice

Working at GVHC has given me the ability to live in a “big city that thinks it’s a small town”.  I have the ability to live in a great climate without snow nor humidity – but don’t have to deal with the Bay Area or Southern California housing prices nor traffic.  You are close enough to the Bay area to be able to take a weekend trip to see a play or the Giants game, or go up to the foothills and see the snow.
Golden Valley Health Centers allows flexibility in order to be able to spend quality time with your family and loved ones while still having a fulfilling career as a physician.  You can serve the most grateful, caring population who truly need and appreciate the care you give. 

Jeremy Sy, FNP
Merced Urgent Care Clinic
Family Practice

It is an honor for me to work for the underserved population. It is such a humbling experience. I, myself came from a poor family, from a third world country. For me working in Golden Valley Health Centers is like serving and taking care of my own people. I know where they are coming from. Also, I may have a challenging role right now but I take pride in serving them and in making a difference.

Elaine Soriano, MD
Regional Medical Director, Stanislaus County

I love working at GVHC because of the opportunity of providing quality care to the underserved population. Working here for the past 13 years  did not only  give me the  opportunity  for personal and professional growth but had given me the chance to be a part of its mission and vision.


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