We care for you.
Providing Community-based Healthcare for All
With years of service, board certifications, and professional credentials, our Modesto family doctors are among the most well-regarded doctors in our area. Their training and the tools and facilities they use enable them to provide quality diagnosis, treatment, and prevention care for you and your family.

Modesto family doctors at Golden Valley Health Centers offer comprehensive health and medical services to people of all ages, from newborns to geriatric adults and everyone in between.  We love taking care of our patients!

Our staff consists of carefully selected, trained professionals providing a range of advanced care and specialties to help meet the health care needs of you and your family. We work as a team to offer respectful and compassionate service to all of our patients.


  • Complete physical exams
  • Preventative medical care
  • Treatment of hypertension, diabetes and other chronic health conditions
  • Diagnosis and treatment of stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional health problems
  • Laboratory services
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Acute injuries or illness
  • Blood tests
  • Medical counseling
  • Child and infant health

Some of our Modesto Family Doctors:

Cathy Lee Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner
Cathy Lee, Nurse Practitioner
Anna Cabrera, PA
Dr. Lee
Jason Lee, MD
Danielle Myers, MD
Shweta Rao, MD

Other Healthcare Services Offered:

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