History of GVHC

Making a Real Difference Even from the very beginning, Golden Valley Health Centers has had one firm mission: to serve the underserved.

Golden Valley found humble beginnings as a hospital-operated migrant health program. When Mike Sullivan took charge as coordinator in 1972, it was the start of a long history of change and innovation.

The hospital separated from the county in 1972, and a nonprofit corporation was formed separately from the hospital to receive federal funding for migrant health.

This new nonprofit, Merced Family Health Centers, constructed a small medical and dental clinic and hired its first full-time medical doctor and dentist in 1974.

From there, the clinic blossomed, opening 11 satellite clinics and branching out to include services for those in Stanislaus County. The organization realized they needed to change their name to represent all those they served and in 1995, Golden Valley was born.

Throughout its history, Golden Valley became known for growing by leaps and bounds in terms of quality and services. Golden Valley has not only spearheaded the development of patient registries and population management for improved patient outcomes, but they’ve also developed cultural competency programs and continued to open new sites throughout the region.

In 2014, the current CEO, Tony Weber joined the organization and provided a fresh vision for the future. Under his leadership, Golden Valley has continued to increase in both the number of sites and patients served. The organization now has 45 sites and serves over 143,000 unique patients per year. In 2016, Golden Valley modernized its logo to revive its purpose in the community. Additionally, Weber’s commitment to being the employer of choice has allowed for the hiring of the best and brightest providers to care for our patients. Join us to write the next chapter in Golden Valley’s history.

GVHC is now 45 sites and growing, with over 143,000 patients being served every year—and Weber is eager to ensure that this is one legacy of care and commitment that will keep on growing.

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