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Things to Do in The Central Valley

California’s Heartland
Things to do and see in the Central Valley
The wide open spaces of California’s Central Valley are vast and beautiful.
Learn why so many families are choosing to make their home here.
There is nowhere on Earth that is quite like the Central Valley. California’s heartland offers an authentic and sensory-rich experience. Taste and see the bounty of ultra-fresh produce, close-knit communities that welcome everyone with open arms, towns rich with history and international culture.
Food & Wine
Food & wine is abundant in this region filled with orchards, vineyards and farms. That is why it is called "The food basket of the World"
Rich Culture
Home to many of California’s finest museums and galleries, the central valley offers a wide variety of live entertainment, events and attractions
Less Traffic
Spend more time at home with your loved ones and less time stuck on the freeway. This factor alone is a major quality of life enhancer
Bright Sunshine
With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, the Central Valley is a bright and sunny place to live. Winters are cool and mild.
Community Charm
People in rural areas are more closely connected than those who live in large cities. Get to know your neighbors and enjoy life.
Wide Open Spaces
It takes nearly 7 hours to drive from one end of the valley to the other. Endless fields are nestled in between rounded foothills
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