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At Golden Valley Health Centers, we are committed to the overall well-being of our community. In addition to our diverse healthcare services, we proudly offer specialized optometry services in Merced and Modesto Our experienced and dedicated optometrists provide a range of eye care services tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient.

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  • Comprehensive eye exams
    Regular eye exams are essential for maintaining good vision and optimal eye health. Our comprehensive exams include tests for visual acuity, eye alignment, and other factors critical for maintaining clear and comfortable vision.
  • Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment
    We offer comprehensive screening, diagnosis, and treatment options for glaucoma—a condition characterized by increased pressure within the eye that can lead to vision loss if not properly managed.
  • Diabetic Eye Exams
    If you have diabetes, you are at higher risk for certain eye conditions. Our optometrists are trained in the detection and management of eye problems associated with diabetes.
  • Pediatric Eye Exams
    We offer eye exams specifically tailored to assess the visual needs and health of young eyes.
  • Red Eye and Urgent Eye Care
    We are equipped to handle red eye symptoms and other urgent eye care needs through immediate appointments.
  • Foreign Body Removals
    Our optometrists are equipped to safely remove foreign bodies from the eye at this location.
  • Dry Eye Evaluations and Treatment
    If you suffer from dry, itchy, or irritated eyes, our optometrists can diagnose your condition and offer targeted treatments.

Optometry is offered at these Locations:

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