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Celebrating 50 Years
of Serving the Underserved

Page Header Flora R. Martinez Scholarship

The Flora R. Martinez Nursing Scholarship will be awarded to 5 individuals who are currently enrolled in or accepted to an RN, LVN, or BSN program.  Applications are being accepted between February 15, 2022, through April 1, 2022.

Make A Donation Today

Your gift, no matter the amount, enables us to provide primary medical, dental, and behavioral health services in Merced and Stanislaus Counties to families who are uninsured, underinsured or with limited means.

Golden Valley Health Centers Foundation is a nonprofit organization [501(c)3]. We rely on the financial contribution of individuals, foundations, businesses, and faith-based organizations to support our work.

Please join us in making a difference today!

Our Fundraising Purpose

While raising funds, we will also raise awareness of Golden Valley Health Centers, and celebrate the amazing work the doctors, nurses, and administration staff provide to the community on a daily basis.

Golden Valley Health Center’s Foundation reaches out to the community to secure resources in support of our mission to provide quality primary health care services to those who need us most, regardless of their financial ability. As a not-for-profit foundation, we now turn to you our community, to ask you to join us as partners in caring for those who need us most.

Help us to meet critical needs, increase patient engagement, implement new delivery models, improve chronic disease management, and provide true community benefit to those who need us most.

Golden Valley Health Centers has served the health care needs of our growing communities, creating partnerships to diagnose and treat disease, as well as enhance the health and overall wellbeing of the underserved.

Philanthropy is driven by the power of collective action to create a lasting change in health care. Golden Valley Health Centers respond to critical medical needs in our communities and invites you to join us in doing so. Donations, charitable contributions, and gifts help improve health services and enhance the quality of life of people in your family, your neighborhood, and your community.

This is what making a difference looks like
While visiting with a school counselor, a parent shared the following story:

“I have six children and I really love Golden Valley’s Dental health center. A few days ago the dentist saw all of my children, and three of them had no cavities but three of them needed fillings. One of my sons was referred to another organization for follow up care because his needs are considered oral surgery and the health center here isn’t able to provide the service. During the visit I also saw the dentist and he fixed my tooth, I was scared they were going to have to pull it, but the dentist worked hard to keep it for me. A few years ago I lost a tooth and I was really scared I was going to have two spaces in my mouth, but lucky for me he saved the tooth! I can’t believe how lucky my family is to be patients at Golden Valley where we are able to get dental care we can afford. This makes it so much better for my family, we already have enough struggles with the issues that we have. My husband recently came back from being deployed in the military with severe PTSD, and my children and I have struggled on and off with medical and mental health issues. I am not sure what our family would do without Golden Valley, we can never thank the doctors, dentist and nurses enough for all they have given our family.”

We shared this with Cesar Clarin, DDS, who summed up the feelings of our providers best, “I feel touched with such comments. As I drive around the neighborhood, I see tremendous work ahead of us. People want to get back on their feet and for them, it may start with a great smile and be able to eat again with no pain. I love where I work and I love what I do because it makes a real impact in people’s lives.”

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