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GVHC Meet Our Providers – Carrie Janiski, DO, MS

Golden Valley Health Centers is excited to be ringing in the new year with a brand new, “Meet Our Providers” campaign! Each month we will be highlighting Golden Valley Health Centers’ (GVHC) providers on the GVHC Website and on Social Media.

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Specialty: Sports Medicine
Ubicación: SHAW, Newman, Turlock, Ceres and Modesto
Credentials: DO, MS
GVHC Start Date: 2022

When did you start practicing and how did you get started?

I completed my training in 2015 and was glad to move to California to get away from the snow and join all the wonderful people here who practice medicine caring for patients in the Central Valley. I first joined a private practice during which time I was able to start a relationship with Golden Valley and start seeing patients inside of Golden Valley clinics. Enjoyed it so much that in October of 2022 I joined Golden Valley full time as Regional Medical Director and continue seeing patients in my primary specialty of sports medicine.


Where are you located?

I and the Golden Valley sports medicine team currently see patients in Merced SHAW, Newman, Ceres, Turlock and Modesto.

What lead you into this field?

My background is in family medicine, sports medicine, and osteopathic manipulative medicine. I also have a background in athletic training and exercise science which I started getting involved in when I was in high school as a water girl and then equipment manager and then student athletic trainer for my high school where the athletic trainer introduced me to the field of sports medicine and from then on it was all I wanted to do.

What can sports medicine do to help prevent injuries?

Golden Valley sports medicine some of the things that we’re gonna see are the results of an accident or playtime gone awry or a weekend basketball game that maybe got a little too aggressive. Some of those things can be prevented with good technique, proper training, appropriate equipment, and being maybe a little bit more cautious. There are lots of things we see at Golden Valley sports medicine that are not necessarily preventable though we can certainly help our patients learn to live a happy and comfortable life with things like arthritis that may not ever go away and certainly we have many treatments that we could use to help people stay on their feet and stay moving.

How does sports medicine help serve our patients?

In the Central Valley of California the majority of pediatric patients are insured on Medi-Cal which makes Golden Valley Health Centers their primary point of contact for medical concerns and medical treatment. We at Golden Valley sports medicine are happy to be part of the team that cares for these and all of our patients so that we can provide high quality musculoskeletal care to all patients who need it. I and the team at Golden Valley sports medicine are happy to provide a full range of full spectrum sports medicine services which include everything from sprained ankles and bruises to fractures and all ages and arthritis and strains and sprains and any ailment of the musculoskeletal system that keeps people from doing the things they love.

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