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National Women Physicians Day 2022

National Women Physicians Day graphic
On Thursday, February 3, 2022, Golden Valley Health Centers honors and celebrates National Women Physicians Day. GVHC is proud to honor and recognize all GVHC women physicians on this special day. GVHC thanks you for your effort in helping accomplish our mission. Please join us in thanking all GVHC women physicians.
  • Abhilasha Sharma MD
  • Alessandra Porfido PA
  • Alexandria Meyers MD
  • Andrea Pezoldt DDS
  • Andrea Tamay ACSW
  • Anna Cabrera PA
  • Anna Diaz LCSW
  • Anne VanGarsse MD
  • Aparna Yadatore MD
  • Araceli Martinez Perez CSWA
  • Arlene Gabot AGNP-BC
  • Arundati Halappa MD
  • Barbara Huynh DO
  • Barbara Porrello Perez MD
  • Belinda Medrano WHNP
  • Carmen Watson FNP
  • Carrie Janiski DO
  • Catherine Permin PMHNP
  • Cathy Lee FNP
  • Chaithra Sreenath MD
  • Charmin Gohel MD
  • Cherry Wy MD
  • Cindy Salcedo LCSW
  • Cinthya Hernandez FNP
  • Colleen Aitken MD
  • Colleen O’Hare LCSW
  • Conalu Bernardino MD
  • Crystal Hsu DPM
  • Crystal Lake-Akinnuoye FNP
  • Danielle Groce FNP
  • Danielle Myers MD
  • Dawn Lohr-Poot FNP
  • Dheera Tamvada MD
  • Diane Renteria PA
  • Ekaterina Petrova MD
  • Elaine Soriano MD
  • Ellen Piernot MD
  • Emillie De Ocampo MD
  • Erica Avila PMHNP
  • Erica Choi WHNP
  • Eva Lomeli LCSW
  • Heather Maggio FNP
  • Heydi Herrera LCSW
  • Jasjit Gill FNP
  • Jaswinder Barn FNP
  • Jeevarathnam Pacha Dharma MD
  • Jennifer O’Connor PA
  • Jennifer Wong DO
  • Jeremy Sy FNP
  • Kaitlin Buckle WHNP
  • Kaitlin Soracco OD
  • Kamalpreet Kaur FNP
  • Kendra Erickson DDS
  • Kimberly McLaughlin MD
  • Krithika Suresh MD
  • Kruthika Krishnamurthy MD
  • LaSonya Jones MD
  • Lauren Kissner MD
  • Laurie Mata WHNP
  • Liang Yin MD
  • Lilan Durano FNP
  • Lisa Torre-Iqwe PMHNP
  • Loraine Escarcha MD
  • Lupita Serrano LCSW
  • Malisa Hallahan WHNP
  • Maninder Dhillon DDS
  • Manpreet Brar DPM
  • Maria Obispo WHNP
  • Maria Pachon Romero MD
  • Mariel Telmo DPM
  • Marjorie Millan FNP
  • Mary Cruz Saldivar CSWA
  • Mayra Torres CSWA
  • Megan Tyler FNP
  • Meghan Kandow FNP
  • Melanie De Leon DMD
  • Melinda Belgrave MD
  • Melisa Rotondi FNP
  • Melody Castillo WHNP
  • Mi-Hyun Han FNP
  • Minghua Hao MD
  • Mirah-Aizza Galuego PA
  • Mirella Mendoza LCSW
  • Monique Godbold Sanchez MD
  • Monique Helfer WHNP
  • Natasha Khan MD
  • Navjot Sahota FNP
  • Omairah Moti MD
  • Pallavi Shikaripur-Nadig MD
  • Pearlita Santiago FNP
  • Phassarin Chansakul MD
  • Priti Golechha MD
  • Punit Dhaliwal OD
  • Rachel Morgan MD
  • Ravindar Kaur FNP
  • Rebecca Brock MD
  • Richa Verma MD
  • Roohi Shahjahan Bakhath MD
  • Rosalie Sia MD
  • Sabrina Hussain MD
  • Sapna Malik MD
  • Serene Alexander DO
  • Shabana Sunesara FNP
  • Shannon Clasen FNP
  • Shatha Hajja MD
  • Shirley Ann Pasia FNP
  • Shweta Rao MD
  • Sneha Raghunath MD
  • Sonali Bajaj MD
  • Stephanie Hernandez FNP
  • Supriya Saddi DDS
  • Susan Henry-Hoyt FNP
  • Susan Vang LCSW
  • Tanisha McNeal FNP
  • Theresa Ng DO
  • Tu Anh Dao FNP
  • Vaishali Benaka Hebbar MD
  • Vanitha Banajjar Revanasiddappa MD
  • Virginia Inthavong FNP
  • Yeh Johnson PA
  • Yogitha Badam MD
  • Yudelka Solano PA
  • Zeenat Khan DDS

Why National Women Physicians day?

Recognized for significantly marking the day when the first woman in history to earn her degree in medicine was born, the National Women Physicians Day serves as a special opportunity to recognize and appreciate female physicians. Elizabeth Blackwell, as is the name of the woman, was a United States-based medical student who courageously earned her medical degree. With this achievement, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell began a movement that would far outlive her, and serve as a motivation for every other woman after her that aspired to earn a medical degree.

Dr. Maruthachalam examining female patient
Dr. Sharma examining female patient

National Women Physicians Day marks the celebration of the bravery and courage that was exemplified by Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, as well as that of the other women to follow, who made the remarkable decision to pursue individual medical degrees. More importantly, this day is part of an ongoing effort to improve the work environment specifically for the increasing number of female physicians who take the bold step of taking medicine-related academic pursuits.

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