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Patient Portal

Online Access to Health Information

What is a Patient Portal?

The patient portal is a secure website that allows you to access and manage your healthcare records and communicate through a secure 2-way messaging system with your healthcare provider. The patient portal is accessible on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and your smartphones. Tablets and smartphones do not require an application but automatically appear with a mobile friendly version of the patient portal.

To self-enroll into GVHC’s patient portal, sign up here.

Already enrolled? Log in below.

What can I do on the Patient Portal?

Patients will have the following capabilities:

  • Request, view, download, print, and send medical history information
  • Send secure messages to your primary care provider and care team
  • Research health topics from a trusted and updated resource
  • View and track your medication list
  • View and track appointments

Let’s make life easier: 7 Easy Steps to Get Started!

Step 1
Visit your closest Golden Valley Health Center Clinic.
Step 2
Let our Front Office personnel know you would like access to a Patient Portal Account.
Step 3
Sign a consent form agreeing to the terms and conditions for patient portal use and receive an 8-digit access code from our Front Office personnel, called a token. The token will allow you to access and create a patient portal account.
Step 4
On a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone log on to
Step 5
On a desktop or laptop select the “Enroll Now” button. If you are on a tablet or mobile device select the “Register Now” button.
Step 6
Enter your 8-digit token, your date of birth [mm/dd/yyyy], and your email address. If you did not provide Golden Valley Health Centers with an e-mail address, no worries! Select “I do not have an e-mail address” and enter in your last name.
Step 7
Create a username, password, and two (2) security questions.
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