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Patient Portal FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

YES. Our system is certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC Health IT Certification Program)

The security of patient information is the result of the collaboration of both Golden Valley Health Centers and the Patient. Our Healthcare Technology has been approved for safe communications. However, patients also have a role in keeping their information secure.

Helpful things to keep in mind:

  1. Do not download, store, send, or access messages on your employer-provided computer or hand-held device. Personal information may be accessible by your employer.
  2. Your user name and password should be kept for your own knowledge. Keep it safe and private away from unauthorized person(s).
  3. Never use a public computer or kiosk to access the Patient Portal. If that is your only online access to your health information, delete all saved and downloaded information, do not save your password to the computer, and never leave the device unsupervised while logged onto your patient portal.
  4. When printing your health information, do not leave it unsupervised or in public areas. Golden Valley Health Centers is not responsible for what patients do with their own printed health information.

On the Login Page, SELECT “Need help with your user name and password?”

The link will direct you to a page showing three available options for resetting your password. Select your most convenient option and complete the required fields. If the reset token option is selected, patients must first visit their local Golden Valley Health Centers clinic and request a reset token from our Front Office personnel.

Patient’s Portal Responsibilities

The patient portal serves as an online self-management tool for patients to access their health information and to track appointments, medication, and reminders. To provide patients with the best quality care possible through the patient portal it is a collaborative effort of both the provider and patient. In addition to the services, rights, and privileges patients have at Golden Valley Health Center, patients are also requested to adhere to the following portal “patient responsibilities” to ensure a successful partnership in providing quality health care services. For information to be made available to you through the patient portal please consider the following:

Provide Information

  1. Provide completed and accurate medical information to your provider, care team, and case worker including previous medical history and medication.
  2. Be sure to update Golden Valley Health Centers with your most recent insurance information, home address, home phone number, emergency contact, mobile number, and e-mail address.


  1. Be involved in your healthcare with your provider, care team, and Golden Valley Health Centers staff. Through patient portal secure messaging, send questions to your care team to fully understand your care. [Note: Messaging should not take the place of an in-person visit to your primary care provider.]
  2. Follow treatment advice given by your care team through your portal reminders and/or your portal secure messages.
  3. Be courteous when sending email messages to your provider and/or care team.
  4. Please allow providers and our care team up to 3 business days to respond to your requests.

Log into your Patient Portal. Place cursor over the “My Chart” tab and SELECT “Request Health Record”.

By submitting a request for your health records that will initiate the system to do two (2) things. First, to securely send your health information in a full document through your secure messaging system, which will be located in your inbox. Second, it will tell the secure system to enter your health information on the patient portal site so that you may access information without downloading any documents.


The portal will be available in three languages: English, Spanish, simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Before logging in or enrolling on a desktop or laptop, the language drop-down menu is available on the login page at the top right corner of your browser. Select the drop-down menu and select your preferred language. On a tablet or mobile device, the language option is available right below the “Register Now” button. Select “Language” and your preferred language.


Reminder phone calls and text messages will stay enabled.


Patients may access their patient portals at any time with the exception of maintenance or updates. The Patient Portal may be unavailable without prior notice due to routine maintenance or circumstances beyond our control. The Patient Portal may be suspended or terminated without advanced notice at any time.

Golden Valley Health Centers is determined to reply back within 3 business days.

Business days exclude weekends, holidays, and system maintenance or updates. If you do not receive a response from your provider within 3 business days, please contact our appointment line at (209) 722-GVHC (4842).

YES, however, there are a few exceptions.

Parents/guardians will have caregiver access to their dependent’s online health information from the ages of 0-11. By California State laws, Golden Valley Health Centers will expire caregiver access the day before the dependent’s 12th birthday. Patients who require a legal caregiver to manage their health information, due to the inability to make their own health care decisions, must provide legal consent or documentation authorizing caregiver access to the patient’s health information.


In no way should information provided on the Patient Portal replace a visit to the doctor. The information on the patient portal should not be considered complete or relied on to be a suggested course of treatment for a particular individual. You should always seek the advice of your primary care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. You should never disregarding medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you may have read on the Patient Portal.

Log into your Patient Portal and under the “Settings” tab SELECT “Manage Practices”.

  1. First, patients must obtain an 8-digit access code, known as a token, from one of our Golden Valley Health Centers Front Office (GVHC) personnel.
  2. Login to your patient portal account, hover over your “Settings” tab and select “Manage Practices”
  3. Enter the token you have received from GVHC, your date of birth, and the email address you have provided to GVHC. If you did not provided an email address, select the “I do not have an email address” option and enter your in your last name in the required field.
  4. Select the submit button and you should be able to access your health information provided by GVHC.


Patients are responsible for notifying our GVHC Front Office personnel of all final changes to their demographic information. Changes may be made by calling our appointment line at (209) 722-GVHC (4842) or in-person during a wellness visit with their primary care provider.

Enroll or Login Today!

If you would like to self-enroll, there will be a 3-5 day approval time.

Still have questions about the Patient Portal?

Phone: (209) 385-5238

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