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Being Thankful…

Every year when the air gets crisp and the leaves change color I am reminded of how thankful I am for the many things in my life. I am blessed to work at an organization with people who are passionate about changing lives. I am proud I chose to live a life filled with happiness and purpose.

I often wonder about what brings others joy; is it at home, at work, in their volunteer opportunities? Do we as humans choose to be happy and rewarded by the gifts we have? For our friends? Our family? Our close relationships? For our life experiences? How about the opportunities to laugh or cry?

This fall, I challenge each of you to look for ways to feel truly thankful. To fully enjoy every moment of the experience, to be open to the wonder of the moment and the day. Life is such an amazing gift! Give back for all that you receive by living thankfully and with joy.

This past weekend Golden Valley Health Centers was blessed with community support during our golf and gala events. We had 400 plus community members attend to support our mission. Attendees donated, participated and also learned about our mission, and how we support their friends, neighbors and employees. It was amazing to look around the Turlock Golf & Country Club and see so many friends of Golden Valley Health Centers.

So many of our employees and providers donated to make this weekend a success, I would like to personally thank the following for supporting the foundation’s efforts:



Elaine Soriano, MD

Chris Grover, MD

Danielle Myers, MD

Omairah Moti, MD

Jeeva Pacha Dharma, MD

Emillie De Ocampo, MD

John Abordo, DPM, EdM

Nina Brar, DPM

Heather Hollander, FNP

Bob Cushing, DDS

Jorge Fernandez, LCSW

Melody Castillo, MD

Richa Verma, MD

Daniel Diep, MD

Joanne Helfer, MD

Rosalie Sia, MD

Jason Lee, MD

Cayla Robillard, OD

Dave Simenson, MD

Aparna Yadatore, MD

George Alkhouri, MD

Husam Abdulnour, MD

Marinel Abellada, MD

Ekaterina Petrova, MD

R. Maruthachalam, MD

P. Maldonado, CADC-II

Yudelka Solano, PA

Adrienne Kolf, MD

Colleen Aitken, MD

Ellen Piernot, MD

Eduardo Villarama, MD


Darcy Faegre

Antoinette Patrick

Chan Bun

Lynlee Young

Kulpreet Dhesi

Zahra Mehr

Kassey Mosher

Jill Contreras

Laura Ixta

Yamilet Valladolid

Sidnee Arceo

Albaro Jasso

Ruth Colomer

Genevieve Medina

Andrew Barnett

Ruben Chavez

Tony Weber

Chief Executive Officer

Golden Valley Health Centers

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