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Legacy of Leadership: Honoring Tony Weber鈥檚 Decade at GVHC

Golden Valley Health Centers recognizes Tony Weber, for his service to the organization as Chief Executive Officer from April, 2014 鈥 April, 2024. His leadership and dedication to health care access for all, and his commitment to a healthy community will leave a proud legacy.

Since joining Golden Valley Health Centers in April 2014, Tony has shown unmatched kindness and compassion for both patients and for the employees of Golden Valley Health Centers. He worked tirelessly to increase access to care for underserved patient populations. He also focused on improving the culture of the organization through inspiring empathy and through the development of a new organizational mission, vision and core values to guide the work of the health center. Tony enhanced patient communication and brought many new innovations to benefit the patients of Golden Valley Health Center during his decade of service.

Board Chairman, John Price, reflected on Tony鈥檚 retirement with fond memories of Tony鈥檚 leadership. 鈥淭ony Weber came to GVHC at a pivotal time for the organization. The board realized that we needed a strong leader who could help shape the culture of GVHC. We also needed a leader with strong financial experience. Under Tony鈥榮 leader ship, Golden Valley Health Centers has doubled in size in the last 10 years,鈥 he said. 鈥淭t has been my pleasure to serve alongside him during his tenure.鈥

Tony鈥檚 financial stewardship was highly commendable, building the organization鈥檚 revenue and financial stability considerably. His ingenuity in creating an Independent Physician Association (IPA) resulted in better care and considerably higher revenue for the organization, a decision that offered increased capacity to serve more patients.

鈥淭ony’s leadership and vision have created unprecedented growth, patient-centered innovations, and inspired a culture of community and cooperation at Golden Valley Health Centers. As a champion for both patients and employees, Tony’s collaborative style and approachability have led our organization to new heights,鈥 according to Aaron Castleton, GVHC Board member of ten years. 鈥淗e has stood as a pillar for goodness and growth both within the organization and in the communities served by GVHC. Tony has transformed our once small group of health centers into one of the greatest healthcare institutions in Central California, bringing affordable healthcare to the valley, and employing hundreds of local residents. He will forever be remembered as one of the greatest healthcare champions ever to serve the Central Valley,鈥 added Castleton.

His time at GVHC wasn鈥檛 without hardship. Leading one of the largest FQHC鈥檚 in the state through the Covid-19 pandemic was a formidable challenge. Tony鈥檚 strategic and courageous leadership during this time protected and saved thousands of lives by leading the charge locally for testing and Covid-19 vaccine availability for all.

The Board and Staff acknowledge and appreciate Tony鈥檚 work in building a network of specialty services to ensure that Golden Valley Health Centers鈥 patients had the most comprehensive care possible. A noteworthy program in the expanded offerings of GVHC is the Central Valley PACE program which allows frail seniors to age in place and enjoy high-quality health care while remaining at home with loved ones. In addition to the PACE program, Tony expanded the school based health center program into Merced County and built a strong relationship between the health center and the medical residency program, paving the way for a key leadership position in the program.

Finally, we recognize Tony鈥檚 tireless efforts to grow the health center鈥檚 ability serve more patients. Under his leadership, Golden Valley Health Centers expanded from serving two counties, to serving patients throughout the full tri county area of Merced, Stanislaus, and San Joaquin Counties, growing the footprint of GVHC from 22 to 45 clinical sites. He increased the health of our communities through considerably increasing patient visits, from 103,000 patients seen in 2013 to 147,000 patients seen in 2023. The center also expanded its provider workforce from 93 providers and 364,000 visits to 138 providers and 616,000 patient visits throughout his ten years of leadership.

Because of these and many other outstanding accomplishments, we express our deepest gratitude for the service of Tony Weber and honor him as he begins retirement.

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