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Golden Valley Staff Donate Gifts to Mother and Daughter

Golden Valley Staff Donate Gifts to Mother and Daughter

Golden Valley employees circled around Shoquala Reed, 21, and her one-year-old daughter, Cerina Reed-Regalad, while they were sitting in the waiting room. The employees rolled up a cart filled with gifts and presented them to the mother and daughter. Cerina received a pair of pink socks and Shoquala received gifts for her baby boy, who is due in a month.

It’s important to help other people in need. It makes me happy knowing she is happy.
-Norma Martinez

Golden Valley Health Centers chooses one family a year for its Adopt a Family drive. Employees come together and donate gifts to help a family through the holiday season.

Norma Martinez, front office supervisor for Golden Valley, and Dolores McClindon, Golden Valley’s health centers manager, chose Reed and her family because they know of all the hardships she has faced. The staff also love visiting with Cerina.

McClindon stated that Reed doesn’t have family or a huge support system so they wanted to help her and show her that human kindness is still out there.

Reed’s boyfriend was incarcerated in October, making it difficult to be a single mom. Reed’s pregnancy has also been high-risk this time around. She was very grateful to receive the gifts from Golden Valley because it’s so hard to be a non-working mom during the holiday season.

As a child, Reed was put into the foster system because her mother had a drug addiction. She knows what it’s like to be in that situation and strives to be a good mother so her daughter does not have to experience the same things she did.

When first becoming a parent, Reed didn’t think she would be a good mom, but she has been making sure Cerina has everything she needs to grow into a healthy girl.

Reed moved to Merced two years ago and now has control over her life. She was able to leave everything else behind and start over.

In addition to the clothes, food, and home supplies she received from Golden Valley, Reed’s boyfriend is scheduled to be released four days after her due date.

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