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Family Nurse Practitioner – Medical – Merced – Stanislaus County

Family Nurse Practitioner – Medical (Merced/Stanislaus County)

Position: Family Nurse Practitioner
GVHC Location: Merced & Stanislaus County, CA
Department: Medical

Under designated physician(s) collaboration and supervision for drugs and device furnishing, the Family Nurse Practitioner is to provide direct primary health care in accordance with the Golden Valley Health Centers Family Nurse Practitioner’s Supervision Agreement, Golden Valley Health Centers Principles of Practice, and the California Administrative Code, Section 13799.541. The Family Nurse Practitioner may be required to work scheduled evening clinic hours, and when appropriate, act independently as a solo provider of services under telephone communication with a physician supervisor.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Obtain an appropriate medical history and perform a physical examination for any presenting problem(s).
  • Order specific laboratory studies and x-rays, and other studies as appropriate for that patient.
  • perform or assist in laboratory or screening procedures routinely performed at the clinic site indicating the collection of body fluid and tissue specimens.
  • Assess and interview in the common development and behavioral problems of the family and its individual members.
  • Diagnose and treat common primary care problems according to accepted criteria and norms described in the Nurse Practitioner standardized procedure manual.
  • Collect, record, and interpret clinical data in a “problem oriented SOAP” format.
  • Maintain a current problem list, medication list and immunization record on all patient records.
  • Promote health and disease prevention in all patients through age group specific interventions including immunizations, counseling, physical examinations, and accepted screening procedures.
  • Observe all existing Golden Valley Health Centers medical protocols, personnel policies and Principles of Practice.
  • Maintain a current basic CPR certification status.
  • Participate regularly in quality assurance and peer review activities, as well as medical and general staff meetings.
  • May administer medication to patient, or transmit orally a prescription from the supervisory physician to pharmacist. This may be based either on a patient specific order by the supervising physician or on protocols specified in the Nurse Practitioner standardized procedures and process protocols.
  • Satisfactorily works towards achieving productivity goals established by the Golden Valley Health Centers.
  • Obtain 30 units of CME biannually, submit annual report to supervisor, and maintain national certification status.

Min. Qualifications:

KNOWLEDGE: Ability to speak Spanish highly desirable. ABILITY TO: Work experience as a Registered Nurse. Current basic CPR certification.

Education/Experience Requirements:

Graduation from an accredited school of registered nursing and FNP program Certification by the Board of Registered nursing of California as a NP. Working experience as a Registered Nurse. Current basic CPR certification. Ability to speak Spanish highly desirable.

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