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Facts & Myths About Addiction


Addiction is a bad habit, the result of moral weakness and overindulgence.


Addiction can be a chronic, life-threatening condition, like atherosclerosis, hypertension or adult diabetes.  Addiction has roots in genetic susceptibility, social circumstance, and personal behavior.


If an addicted person has enough willpower, he or she can stop abusing alcohol or other drugs.


Most people addicted to alcohol and other drugs cannot simply stop using them, no matter how strong their inner resolve.  Most need one or more courses of structured substance abuse treatment to reduce or end their dependence on alcohol and/or other drugs.


Many people relapse, so treatment obviously doesn’t work.


Like virtually any other medical treatment, addiction treatment cannot guarantee lifelong health, although nearly one-third of clients achieve abstinence from their first treatment attempt.  Relapse, often a part of the recovery process, is always possible and treatable.  Even if a person never achieves perfect abstinence, addiction treatment can reduce the number and duration of relapses, minimize related problems such as crime and poor overall health, reduce impact of parental addiction on children, improve the individual’s and his or her family’s ability to function in daily life, and strengthen the individual’s ability to cope with the next temptation or craving.  These improvements reduce the health, social, and economic costs of addiction.

GVHC Helps to Improve Outcomes Through MAT 

The Medication Assisted Treatment Program (MAT) can help patients recover from opioid addiction through a combination of medication and counseling. Our goal is to treat withdrawal, prevent relapse and help them get back to a healthier life. MAT is safe and works well for most people.

Each person is unique, so each care plan will be built just for you. Some people need this help for short periods of time while other people may need help for years. We are here to be a part of the recovery process no matter how long care is needed. Golden Valley Health Centers is here to help people get the recovery they deserve.

Benefits of MAT:

  • More likely that patients will be successful in your recovery
  • Less likely to feel the dangerous effects of withdrawal
  • Lowers the risk of overdosing
  • Lowers the risk of dying from opioid use

MAT Locations:

  • Senior Health and Wellness – 857 W. Childs Avenue, Merced CA 95341
  • Modesto Mission – 209 Kerr Avenue, Modesto CA 95354

Your health is our priority.


Facts & Myths courtesy of US Department of Health & Human Services – Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
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