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National Physician Assistant (PA) Week

National Physician Assistant Week

National Physician ASSISTANT Week is HERE!

National Physician Assistant (PA) Week starts through October 6th and ends on October 12th, 2021.

National PA week allows us to raise awareness and visibility of an important profession. In today’s complex healthcare settings, it takes a whole team of professionals to treat a patient. A key component of our medical team is the Physician Assistants.

Physician assistants are trained in a wide range of tasks and their education focuses on patient education, preventive care, and chronic care management.

At Golden Valley Health Centers, Physician Assistants help improve patients’ quality of life in the Central Valley. Physician Assistants are unsung heroes and deserve to be celebrated and thanked for their efforts.

Get Involved

To help make National PA Week a success, we’re asking everyone to help us highlight the mission and work our PAs do. We hope to inspire our fellow PAs to support our mission through recognizing a very special week.

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