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Golden Valley Health Centers, Prompt Care Is Now Urgent Care

Turlock Urgent Care
Monte Vista Prompt Care, Turlock, CA
Same Quality Service, Different Name

Golden Valley Health Centers (GVHC) – Prompt Care locations will have the same quality service, but will have a different name. GVHC is officially changing the name of “Prompt Care” to “Urgent Care”. Our goal is to have a consistent name for all our Urgent Care locations throughout the communities we serve to help develop patient and community awareness. GVHC has Prompt Care/Urgent Care locations in Merced, Modesto, and Turlock, CA.

GVHC Urgent Care locations offer convenient walk-in appointments for immediate care. As always, no appointments are necessary. You and your family can get in, and get out without the hassle of scheduling a doctor’s appointment or visiting the emergency room. We are your destination for all your urgent medical needs.

GVHC Urgent Care Map
Importance of Golden Valley Health Centers Urgent Care

A challenge in California’s Central Valley is having skilled medical professionals available to provide services and treatments to our communities. A lack of primary care providers makes it difficult for residents to see their primary care provider and get the treatment they need when they need it the most. Golden Valley Health Centers Urgent Care locations play an important role in our communities. They provide service and treatment in a fast, affordable, and convenient manner to all residents in our communities.

If you have a minor illness or injury, take advantage of Our Urgent Care clinics.
About Golden Valley Health Centers

Golden Valley Health Centers is a private, non-profit federally qualified health center system that has served California’s Central Valley for 50 years. GVHC provides comprehensive primary medical, dental, behavioral health, health education, and eligibility screening to a diverse population across Merced, Stanislaus, and San Joaquin Counties. GVHC currently has over 46 health centers and counting. GVHC’s mission is to improve the health of their patients by providing quality, primary health care services to people in the communities they serve regardless of language, financial or cultural barriers.

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